Manufacturing of geotechnical engineering equipment

CGEG has products suitable for use in the main procedures of geological exploration including ground geophysical exploration, geological drilling, core sampling, well inspection as well as chemical analysis of the minerals. For instance, geophysical instrument (gravity, magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, seismic, radioactive, and well instruments, etc.), drilling rigs (core drill rig, truck mounted drilling rig, well drilling rig, engineering drilling rig, mud pump, drill tower, drilling accessories, etc.), drilling tools (drill pipe, drill bits, borehole drilling tool, rock drilling tools, synthetic diamonds and products, carbide cutting tools, etc.), analytical instruments (atomic absorption, atomic fluorescence, plasma spectrometer, electrochemical analyzer, mercury analyzer, etc.) and so on.

Featured Products
    1. Top Drive Exploration Drilling Rig, XD Series
    2. Top Drive Exploration Drilling Rig, XD Series Top drive exploration drilling rig, XD series can drill up to 3000-4000meters deep, widely applicable in geothermal drilling, solid mineral exploration and exploration of shallow layer petroleum, coalbed methane, shale gas.
    1. Seafloor Drill Rig
    2. Seafloor Drill Rig Seafloor Drill Rig HD-500 is specially designed for marine geological exploration. It is suitable for various high efficiency drilling techniques such as diamond wireline coring, wave compensation directional drilling, continuous circulation coring and so on.
    1. OBS Ocean Bottom Seismometer
    2. OBS Ocean Bottom Seismometer Ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) is a kind of seismic observation system that place geophone directly at sea bottom. In marine geophysical investigation and research, OBS can be used to observe both artificial and natural seismic profile.
    1. Mercury Analyzer
    2. Mercury Analyzer Mercury analyzers can measure contents of mercury in various industries, e.g. environmental protection, food safety, disease control, medical care, agriculture, mining, cosmetics, water and soil quality testing and exit-entry inspection etc.
    1. Hydraulic Casing Puller
    2. Hydraulic Casing Puller BG-60A hydraulic casing puller is special equipment for pulling out casings inside the holes. It’s suitable for cast-in-place pile construction, jet grouting drilling, small diameter drilling into large diameter concrete piles and casing drilling constructions.
    1. Diamond Drill Bits and Products
    2. Diamond Drill Bits and Products PDC is a kind of superhard composite material made of diamond and cemented carbide substrate. It has not only the hardness and wear resistance of diamond but also the strength and ductility of cemented carbide.
    1. Hydrogeological Drilling and Water Well Drilling Rig, Type SPS2600
    2. Hydrogeological Drilling and Water Well Drilling Rig,Type SPS2600 SPS2600 hydrogeological drilling and water well drilling rig is a kink of mechanical drive type rotary rig. With drilling depth of 2200~2600 meters, it's mainly suitable for the exploitation of deep groundwater and the exploration of shallow geothermal energy, shallow oil, natural gas and salt well.
    1. Triplex Mud Pump, Type BW-250
    2. Triplex Mud Pump, Type BW-250 BW-250 triplex mud pump is a horizontal type triple-cylinder and single-acting piston reciprocating pump. It has two cylinder diameters and four series of variables, big cylinder liner is used for matching with 1000m large borehole drilling rig and small cylinder liner is used for matching with 1500m small borehole drilling rig.